Mac requirements for using PiezoDN with Piezography Pro Inks

I sent Walker the following 2 questions by email. His responses follow each of the paragraphs.

My main question at this point is regarding use of a Mac Computer. I currently have a large, fast PC with an NEC Multisync Monitor. I have CS 6 and not a CC subscription. I stay in LR most of the time. If all I need on a MAC is your “beta” software, (Or if I go with Selenium, Quadtone RIP) then it makes sense. I could take my finished PC tif files (which for Quadtone for PC must be greyscale) and as needed move them to the MAC and print them from there. If I need to install Photoshop on the MAC it may not be worth it.

No need for photoshop on the Mac.

Is there a limit to the size and type of MAC that would work? (I used to have an Apple 2e…with 4M of storage. Long gone by the way!)

You need an Mac from 2010 or later. Basically anything that can run a Mac OS 10.7 or later.