Mac OS 11 Big Sur ---- Printer Drivers

I recently upgraded to Big Sur from Catalina on my IMac. I have two 3880’s which have been really great. Of course they are both using Cone inks. My first concern was when my Epson Printer Utility4 would not load… I tried a small print after a good printer test and all jets were fine. The print was set for my regular conditions but came out totally magenta. Not good. I searched for fixes, including drivers. Long and short saw me calling Epson. There are no drivers, yet, for the 3880 and no timeline known. I am sure this could also be with other printers.
As a double check I connected my MacBookPro, using Catalina, and printed the same picture. All was good.

Before upgrading I suggest you check your driver availability.
Good luck

WELL!!! I decided the best thing to do was to go back to Catalina and did so via my Time Machine. It took a few hours but all is good.

Shortly after I had Catalina back I had a notice on Luminous Landscape that Epson had just posted drivers for the 3880 and that it works… Now what to do? I think I will wait a bit before I re-Update.


MartinAS, would you by any chance have the printer driver for the Epson 3880 for Cone Color Pro inks that you would share with me. If so, I would appreciate it greatly.
I updated to Big Sur 11.1 and it wiped my printer drivers off my computer.
Thank you very much.

Hi Larry
I wish I could help you directly, but can not. Having upgraded to Big Sur I had trouble printing with the old driver , 10.33, so looked for a new driver. I ended up contacting Epson who said there was not one and did not know when… Needing to print, I decided to revert to Catalina and did. Presently, I am still on Catalina and will upgrade some time after I get the present work completed.
I had also placed a “warning” on Luminous Landscape and shortly (just after I had gone back to Catalina) I had a reply stating that the respondent had upgraded and found that Epson had just released drivers for the 3880 . Big Sur

I went on Epson’s site from Catalina but could not see the new 10.90 driver. Possibly if you go to Epson from Big Sur you will be able to see and download it. Please let me know how you make out and how you find the driver works.

Thank you very much for your reply.
Does your current driver work with the refillable cartridges? I was under the impression that the newer drivers recognized the non-OEM cartridges and shut the printer down.
Take care and stay well!

Hi Larry
Have two 3880 printers and both are using refillable carts with Cone inks. The current driver is 10.33 on Catalina. Both work great.
I will enquire of the Luminous Landscape person to see if he uses refills. Probably not but…

If you use Time Machine and go back to Catalina you will be fine with driver 10.33
Let you know as soon as I get a reply.

Thank you very much!!

Hi Larry
I have not heard back re the person was using refillable carts. However one person said they had upgraded to Big Sur and everything was working fine. I asked and they said they are using driver 10.33, same as I am and was. Go figure!!!
I do not know if Epson Printer Utility 4 is part of the driver system or a separate item. Do you have that on your system? This was the first indicator of a problem when on Big Sur and I could not use it to do a nozzle check. It would not load and a message said there was a missing software piece (or something…)