Mac OS 10.15.4 Catalina transition update

v 4 of Catalina is finally out. Itypically wait for this release as it seems this is when the kinks for color management and printer interfaces are finally stable. Just wondering, as it has been a while, if an update on issues with Colorport, Print Tool, QTR, Professional Tool 2.2.1 is worth posting.

As you know ColorPort will not work on 10.15 or newer version of MacOS. i1Profiler is the workflow now.

Everything else is compatible.


Will there be a i1Pro 21x16 calibration target set soon. I just finished running Pro Ink profiles for Moab Entrada and Hahnemühle William Turner using the iterative process and am more than a bit blown away at how good that works. Never seen results like these. Hats off!

You mean 21x16 for i1Profiler for v2 devices?

It’s already there. (886.6 KB)

No just i1Pro original device.