M1 MacMini upgrade

Not completely off topic but I want to ask forum members experience with the M1 MacMini running Adobe (PS, LR,…) and / or Piezography - and related - (PiezoDN, PrintTool,…) apps. Any significant issues? Incompatibility?

The school where I teach upgraded to M1 minis last fall. We run Photoshop and Lightroom without any problems.
I also have Print Tool 2.3.2 installed and make PiezoDN negatives and Piezo prints on paper with no problems, other than those I create myself.
I also use the Piezo Professional Edition in Excel and make reading of targets with a i1Pro V2 in i1Profiler and it all works just fine. Profiler, without the license is a bit counterintuitive. I think Walker posted instructions with screen shots here somewhere. If you’re not familiar with Profiler, since ColorPort will no longer run on the Minis with their more recent operating systems, do look for the instructions.
Also, if running NEC PA monitor or Eizo ColorEdge, use a USB C (thunderbolt) cable to Display port for full resolution. There’s a special build of the calibration software for NEC and the newest operating systems. The Eizo needs an older Mac with legacy software (forgetting which V) to callibrate, then put a copy of the Monitor ICC from the older Mac to the new Mini. It’s a pain but it works.

Thank you Mark for the detailed explanation.