Lubrication as part of printer maintenance?


Hello! I am currently cleaning and doing some general maintenance on both my 9890 and my 9800. The service manuals recommend lubricating various moving parts (gears, carriage rail, etc). Does InkjetMall have a lubricant they supply or does anyone have any suggestions as to a suitable product? Knowing nothing about oil, are there any specifications I should look out for? I have used sewing machine oil in the past for other applications, would that be suitable? Many thanks, Neil


I use an watchmakers oiling pen such as you can buy from jewellers’ equipment and material suppliers. These use better quality oil than those you can buy from hardware outlets. It is essential that the oil is non-drying and non-oxidising. I bought a similar one made by 3M to use at my French house and whereas the oil seems of excellent quality, as you would expect, the outer oil holder is so stiff that, with my arthritic hands, I find great difficulty in getting the needle to express oil droplets in a controlled fashion. The advantage of these pens, is that you can place the correct tiny amount of oil, exactly where you need it. I was lubricating the Hornby model locomotives the other day on my grandson’s 00 gauge railway. You could put very small amounts of oil on the gearing from the motor, axle bearings and on all the motion linkage joints, without making a mess.



Thanks Wilson, that sounds like an excellent solution. I am going to try that. It has also been suggested to me to use ‘lithium grease’. To be honest I have no idea what that is but am going to find out. Thanks again