Looking for a warm tone paper

I have been using the P2/PiezoDN selenium tone inks exclusively for making digital negatives on an Epson P400. I’d like to try printing on inkjet paper. I’m looking for a paper with a warm tone, and I’d prefer to use one of the “canned” quads in the Community Edition, rather than making my own profile. Unfortunately, I find it difficult to relate the names of quads in the Community Edition to specific manufacturers’ papers. For example, the Community Edition has P2-SEL-UHD-MoabEntrada.quad, but Moab makes at least three different versions of Entrada: Entrada Rag Bright, Entrada Rag Natural, and Entrada Rag Textured. Which of these Entradas was the quad made for? Is there a general principle involved in correlating quad names to papers?

Entrada papers all have the same coating so there’s no reason to make 3 different entrada curves.