Looking for a Roll feed printer

I’m currently using a 3880, and I’m happy w/ its performance. But… I need to produce prints at 17"w. and longer than 22". So… a roll feed.
Most reviews of the 4800,4900 Series are pretty dismal. Clogged heads, etc.
(I’ve had NO problems with clogged heads on the 3880 - even after the printer sits idle for weeks!)

So I’m considering…
building my own roll “carrier” and feeding the paper into the rear slot of my 3880. No automatic cut-off blade, but I think I can cut it manually. (I may purchase a 2nd 3880 to have as a backup.)

Anyone have any thoughts/comments/suggestions???


Hi Bruce~

Yes, the 3800/3880 are great printers.
I have never tried, so can’t say if the 3880 could print on roll media- but suspect even if you made a roll holder, that the printer may get confused when it still sees paper after the print, and may “eject” excessive paper and un-roll your roll of paper. It’s certainly worth trying, but I suspect the paper sensor will go crazy.

I think the 4880 is a great model (yes, the 4900 is problematic, as well as the 7900/9900 and 7890/9890- though some are working well, others are nothing but problems). My personal all time favorite model is the 7880/9880, but they were discontinued and can be difficult to find a decent one. If you get a 4900, 7900 or 7890- make sure to get the extended warranty, so you’re covered when issues arise.

Sorry I can’t give a good answer to this question, I’m in between the older great models that were unfairly discontinued, and the current models that are headaches… maybe there’s a good solution in the future (but it unfortunately looks like Epson is moving into the commercial printing market, and away from fine art)?

Please do let me know if you try printing on roll media with your 3880, I’m curious…

All the best~ Dana

Dana -

Thanks for your comments.
I think you’re right about the printer wanting to eject the entire roll.
I’ve ordered a roll of 17" X 100’ Epson Enhanced Matte paper (which Epson tells me is equivalent to their Ultra Premium Enhanced Matte in a 17X22 cut sheet size. Hard to believe. But I’ll try it.)
I plan to cut a 36" length from the roll, flatten it overnight, and try sending it into the rear feed slot of the 38880.
I’ve read that the feeding process itself takes a little practice to get it right … but it seems like a less risky solution than buying a printer that already comes with a bad reputation.
I’ll post my results here after the trials.
I’ve ordered a roll of 17" X 100’ Epson Enhanced Matte paper.

PS - I’m new to this Forum. Not sure if I was supposed to “Reply with Quote” or just “Reply”. Don’t know the difference.

Keep us posted on your results.
I don’t see the need to reply with quote unless you’re responding to an earlier post, and not directly to the last post.

~ Dana