Looking for a hint for 7900 repair?

Hi all

I do luv me some craigslist

I recently acquired a 7900
That had literally only been driven by little lady on Sundays

It had only made a total of 24 print jobs

When I acquired it it was fully clogged
As it had been sitting unused for at least a year
It was free from craigslist (yay)
:wink: After a little bit of bartering

So I took the chance and bought a gallon of flush
And Loaded it up
After an initial flush and a few cleanings
It was perfect

Except for the green channel
Where I got absolutely nothing
No Printing whatsoever on that one channel
I tried to channel flush
Still nothing

Upon closer examination I could see that flush fluid had never entered into the tubes for that channel

I tried changing the color cartridge back to the original Epson ink cartridge
Thinking that perhaps it was a problem air leak in the cartridge
I did a few Print test green only
And still not Nothing

So I’m assuming that there’s something wrong in the internal Pressure on the green channel line

But I’m kind of stuck trying to figure out
What would be the best course of action?

And I was hoping that perhaps somebody had a good idea
What’s look at next
Before I give up
And start reassigning ink channels

thanks in advance

just found another thread
With a similar problem
Perhaps it’s a bad damper

I’ll start looking into that
If anyone has another idea that would be great

I guess the question then is it possible
For a damper to only affect one single channel and not the pair?

thanks again

each channel has one damper.

You need the whole unit though, it’s called the “ink selector”


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i had a similar issue resuscitating a 7880. there was a leaky damper which meant nothing would flow…
ordered parts online from aliexpress. worked fine. (also had to replace the pump unit… until i did that it looked like the whole print head was dead)

yup. That is generally the two first things to fix if it looks like a head is totally dead and Flush doesn’t fix it.

Sometimes the heads are actually really dead, but that is very rare on the x880 print heads.


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out of curiosity

do you know where the leak was?

trying to find mine
thanks in advance



im not gettimg email notifcations of responses on threads ive commented on for some reason…
So im sorry ive not responded eaarlier.
In my case several damps had small holes in the plastic diaphram that covers one whole side thus introducting air into the system making it leak and also not deliver ink.