Long Strike Line Along One Edge - P600

I have been getting long strike line along the left side of prints coming out of my Epson P600.

The line looks like a long straight scratch in the image and is 15/16th of an inch from the left edge of a 13 inch wide piece of paper. It happened three times today - extremely frustrating.

Does anyone have any suggestions or recommendations?



Please share a photograph?

This happens with gunk on the rollers, on the star wheels, or on the head itself.

warmest regards


Thanks for the reply.

Here is a photo.

This indicates you have something really scraping either at the top as the paper goes in order at the paper post-print tray area. Time to look with a flashlight


Found the issue - one of the star wheels was not rolling and creating the drag mark.

Now to fix it…

Removing the single stuck star wheel worked.