Location of capping station on epson 7890

Dana: I have read your procedure for cleaning the capping station and just screwed up my courage to attempt it but I just cannot find where it is located. BTW I located and cleaned the flushing box and managed to take out and clean the wiper blade as well. But for the life of me cannot locate the capping station in my printer. Is it underneath the wiper assembly perchance? A photograph showing the exact relative locations of the capping station, flushing box and wiper would be Godsent for a newbie like me. Thanks

Never mind! I found the capping stations. The flushing box sits in a plastic assembly that slides up and down and after sliding it fully up the capping stations are exposed underneath the wiper blade assembly. I used Windex (original) instead of Piezoflush. Is that Ok? Also why are there 5 caps even though epson 7890 has only 4 pairs (8) of inks? Anyway I am looking forward to your upcoming tutorial video and/or article on optimal cleaning techniques for large format epson printers - something I believe you have been promising for a while! Cheers

This thread may be helpful in answering your questions, and includes several photos: http://www.inkjetmall.com/tech/showthread.php?318-Epson-9890-Light-Cyan-problem&highlight=7900
We have been extremely busy this year so unfortunately haven’t had time to make more videos, but plan to make a ton more videos starting again in 2014. We know how helpful they are for both demonstrating procedures with our products, as well as printer cleaning/maintenance procedures.

All the best~ Dana :slight_smile: