Loading Type 2 310 gsm paper into Epson 3880 printer

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The Type 2 is a very stiff paper. This combined with the rubber loader tongue on the Epson 3880 can make it difficult to load. What I do with this paper is gently push from the back middle edge of the paper as the paper is fed into the printer. It should be a firm but gentle push (not so hard that it buckles the paper or make it miss-aligned.)

Make sure to clean the tongue with alcohol regularly (it can get slick and not grip the paper properly).

An alternative is to use the rear feed on this printer.


I have just received several boxes of 17 x 22 Cone Type 2 310 gsm paper. I have had great difficulty getting it to load into either of my Epson 3880 printers. When one sheet did load, the print posterized in the shadows. Previously, I printed the same image file on Cone Type 2 240 gsm paper and the final print was near perfect. I have tried serval different settings in the Epson menu with no resolution. Any hints or tricks.