Loading Piezography Pro curves?

As I stated in a previous thread(s), I rebuilt my Win10-64 this past January (the previous build was early 2011) and had no issues with QTR or loading the IJM curves for PP prior to the rebuild. I hadn’t made any prints since last October (I do run nozzle checks often). When I went to make a print I had an issue with not being able to use all the sliders (and since discovered that all I should have done was to click on the Split TC Blending slider). At that point I thought that there was an issue with QTR so I uninstalled & then reinstalled QTR it but no PP curves were listed (only generic curves) so I downloaded the Community edition and clicked on the folder for curves and that’s when I saw the folder labled “Quad Tone” on my desk top. In it is a folder that lists folders labled Quad xxxx-Pro (or K4 or K5). I scrolled to my printer, (that I use for Piezography the Epson P800), QuadP800-Pro and opened it. Listed are all the curves for various papers (mostly Canson, of which I currently use 3). How do I get these into the QTR app, so that I can use them. Now I’m not sure what I did wrong.
Oh help me Obi Walker Kanobe, your my only hope…8^)

I’m not Walker, but here is what you need to do from the software installation page of the online Piezography Manual:

To install new Piezography curves to use with QTR on Windows, you will need to do the following. Download the Piezography Community Edition Windows version. Open this downloaded zip files and navigate to Curves>Your-Piezography-Printer-Model. Select the curves (.quad files) you want to install from this folder and drag and drop the curves (NOT the FOLDER containing the curves, but the individual curves themselves) into the following folder location: C:\ProgramFiles\QuadToneRIP\QuadTone(Your Piezography Printer Model). After they have been placed in the correct QuadtoneRIP folder you will be able to select them in the QTRgui.

another Keith

Thank you! I got the curves into QTR and set everything up to print on the P800 but every time I hit the print button, I get another error message “Error writing to Printer”. I wonder that since I did a rebuild of my computer, that I lost the no chippless driver.

Well, as of now, all is back to normal as in before the computer rebuild. As I stated previously, I got everything back to normal as far as QTR and the Piezo curves are concerned. Except when I went to print, I got the error window “Error writing to Printer”.
As it turns out, the rebuild required new drivers for the P800 and what was loaded was a VERY generic Epson driver. I originally thought that the issue was the Chipless Solution software, but the printer was reading that I had full carts loaded. For those unaware, that software allows the North American P800 to accept 3rd party carts & ink but will always show the levels to be full all the time. Since I was seeing that the printer was showing full carts, the CS software was working as it should. After some careful and patient thought (I slept on it) and decided to download the latest Epson P800 driver (only). As soon as I made sure the new driver was selected, I fired up QTR, selected an image and hit print. As usual, with QTR, there is a few seconds wait, but instead of getting the “Error writing to Printer” message, the printer went about it’s business and made my day!