LM Cartridge Error

“Ink cartridge error - replace cartridge” on the 9900 for the LM cartridge.
Resetting the LM chip - showed as green
Re-inserted cartridge - still error message
Removed another cartridge - the LM cartridge is recognized, but of course I get one missing cartridge
Inserted the missing cartridge - LM cartridge shows error

Used my LM piezo flush cartridge - LM cartridge shows error

Any suggestions? Thanks.

Walker - I have been experiencing the same issue with my LM cartridge on my 7900. One time after removing and reinserting my cartridge multiple times it had no effect whatsoever. In frustration, I turned it off. The following day I decided to go a try and second round. It worked just fine. Today, I went through the same procedure again. This time I turned the printer off and it worked fine after taking the cartridge out and reinserting. Is there a way to correct this problem without having to do frequent maintenance on this one cartridge?

Other information - The cartridges I am using were new replacements when I converted to the “new” inks. I’ve never had the problem before with any cartridge. BTW the new inks and the fact it is one pass when using GO is well worth switching to at the earliest opportunity!! The shade choices are great, too.

The other problem is more irksome. for some reason my printer now loves doing cleanings on a frequent basis even though my auto check feature for clog detection feature is turned off. It didn’t happen with my former cartridges. Also, the warm medium ink in the LM cartridge slot is being used at an incredible rate. The ink is being used much faster than the GO cartridge. Most of the inks are now down to about to the 3/4 full level including GO. The warm medium ink is now down to the 1/4 full level. I cannot account for why that shade would be surpassing even the GO usage . Could it be my LM cartridge is defective?



Walker - I was checking to see if there is any other information that you need so you can provide a cure for the problem. Cleanings are a common occurrence. Ink clogging with Piezo inks are a rare event and I hate wasting the ink on printer generated cleanings. Steve

For LM chips that read twice as fast, reset the chip when you see the ink getting to 1/2 used. If the LM cartridge is working though, just reset. Don’t want to replace chips on these carts that often because it can make the chip posts degraded and cause issue.

That said, your chip may have gotten jolted during a pull push of the cartridge and that could be the reason why it’s discharging (emptying) at a frequent rate. If it’s dependable enough to print with, just reset it when it start blinking and keep a visual eyeball on the actual ink level in the cart.

Keep your printer on.


Walker - I reset the cartridge. I will check to see what happens in the future.

One thing I noticed when I completely removed the cartridge is that that the ink level was only down to slightly below the first of the four levels in the cartridge. The printer showed showed less than 1/4 of the cartridge remaining.

My GO cartridge showed 2/3rds of the ink remaining in the cartridge. The ink levels in each cartridge, though, were approximately the same! Does that mean the chip on the LM cartridge is defective? If ink levels in each cartridge are the approximately the same, shouldn’t it mean the the ink usage report be close to the same? I’ve never had a cartridge readout that didn’t accurately reflect the amount of ink remaining.



PS How do I get the printer from doing nozzle checks which is followed by a cleaning? My auto nozzle check is set to off.

Reset your ink parameters in maintenance mode (google has the instructions).