LM and Y cartridges not recognized in 3800



I’m having trouble getting my 3800 up and running with a new set of cartridges, and piezography inkset. My printer is failing to recognize both the LM and the Y cartridges. When I put the Epson chips back on the old Epson cartridges the printer recognizes everything fine, including the seven other refillable carts, so it seems like something is going on with the electronics on my refillable cartridges.

I tried replacing these two individually and here is what I get:
[li]Starting from the ‘good’ setup (seven refillable carts, two OEM carts), if I replace just the LM cart with the LM refillable I consistently get the LM cart missing response from the printer.
[/li][li]Starting from the ‘good’ setup, if I replace the Y cart with the Y refillable cart I consistently get an error message from the printer that the LC, LM, AND Y carts are all missing. Strange?

I read through the forums and tried the recommended fixes I found (checking pins/adjusting tabs, resetting printer) and nothing has worked. Does it seem odd that I would get TWO bad reset chips? Anything else I should try?

Thanks, Shawn


Hi Shawn,

From my experience with these cartridges, sometimes when one cart isn’t being recognized it will cause others to not be as well. You took the correct diagnostic steps to verify each cartridge is not being recognized separately, this will make my job easier!

Can you please do one thing for me before I send out new chips, with the 2 cartridges in question (LM & Y) when the printer is giving you the not recognized error on the screen, push each cartridge one at a time in and out or up and down to see if you can get either one to recognize. Sometimes these cartridges don’t seat exactly for the chip read sensor to make a good enough contact, and if this is the case, then there is a very simply fix. You can apply a layer (or 2) of masking tape to the top of the cartridge where it is held in the printer (if when pressed in the cartridge is recognized) OR the same application to either the top or bottom of the cartridge if when pushed up or down the cartridge is recognized.

Let me know you findings and if this doesn’t solve you concerns then I will get you replacements in the mail asap.


Hi Kelly,

I gave the tape trick a try and the LM cartridge appears to be reading properly now with a few pieces of tape along the bottom of the cartridge!

No such luck on the Y, though. I can get the Yellow cart to register when the door is open, but when I close the door it’s still giving me the No Ink Cartridge error. It’s improved, though, now showing only the Yellow cartridge missing instead of three missing carts. Maybe the Yellow is really malfunctioning?


Ok, it sounds like the yellow cartridge is not making a good enough fit, I recently had one I had to double tape on the top where it is held into the printer. IF you push on the y cart, will it recognize? One last effort before putting a replacement in the mail…please let me know, thank you kindly-Kelly


Success! Thanks for the additional advice, Kelly. I ended up with a good bit of tape on the bottom, a few strips on the top, and added a bit to the sides as well for good measure before it would register with the lid closed. Maybe my printer is just a bit wonky on that side with the LM and Y cartridges. Now, to the printing…