LLK emptied, printer still showed about 1/3 full

I just did a nozzle check and discovered that I had no LLK. In fact, there were several ink levels that were very inaccurate. My LLK went completely empty so I have filled the cartridge using the suction method (really easy if you use a gloved finger on the exit port). I am now using the QTRqui to print a page of LLK.

Has anyone found the battery style chips to be inaccurate? These cartridges are fairly new, just bought in February I think. They reset fine too.

I do normally check my cartridges as they get low. If they will be this inaccurate, I’ll have to check them before the halfway point from now on.

Jon, with regards to my earlier post, I had done a nozzle check and all channels were coming through last week when I had my problem with colour balance. I’m still sorting it out, but the difference isn’t so bad for me.

My QTRqui just printed a page set for LLK, but the LLK isn’t showing in the nozzle check yet. I’ll try an ink charge next.


Update: one ink charge from the WIC utility got the LLK going again. I can also confirm Dana’s observation that the ink charge uses 10 mL of ink. (Not that I’d doubt her, but I’d have to say she’s bang on the 10 +/- 3 mL, reading from my syringes.) Folks, Dana’s good.

BTW, there was an earlier post about a black cartridge that emptied. This seems to be an issue. I always reset my cartridges. I seem to recall I had one cartridge that was almost full but read low, and several that read 1/2 to 1/3, but were nearly empty. I hope this won’t be a problem with the non-battery style chips.


Thanks for the compliment Larry (I try to be always right about what I say- and if I don’t know, I find out before saying anything) :wink:

I have to say I’m uncertain how the battery age may effect the chip’s ability to correct track ink levels, but know older chip batteries can cause problems such as cartridge recognition errors and not resetting ink levels, so assume all chip functions can be effected by old batteries (just like old batteries in an analog clock can make it slower, therefore making the time off).

My (personal) normal practice is to visually check cartridge ink levels before I start printing for the day. I first open the Status Monitor to see what the ink levels are reading, then physically remove and check carts- comparing to the SM, and refilling any that are about 1/4 or lower (then resetting so they read full in the printer). I shake ink carts every week or two, then wait a few minutes after reinstalling the carts (to let froth settle), before printing a nozzle check and starting to print images.

Please keep me posted if you continue having problems with ink levels not reading correctly.

Best regards and happy printing~ Dana :slight_smile:

Hi Dana,

I had had a couple of issues with my chips automatically resetting when I simply removed them to give them a shake. I believe this is why my LLK may have gone dry with 1/3 ink left.

However, tonight I saw my LLK and PK getting very low, but no low ink warnings yet. I decided it was time to refill them. My LLK was JUST about emptied again. In fact, there was a dribble in the bottom of the cart, and the exit chamber was about 1/3 full instead of at least 1/2 full. The PK was also almost emptied, but the exit chamber was about 1/2 full. I watched very carefully as I took out cartridges to shake them this time and if they reset, I’d fill them immediately. So, why did I not get a low ink warning? I’m not sure. I do have the battery style chips.

I should be doing what Dana does, and just refill when they get to 1/4 full. I’ll definitely start doing that now!


I believe you should refill when they get to 1/4 full.
I’m an old school darkroom worker who mixes his own developers, so I’m used to doing some “maintenance” before I start printing. Each time I digitally print, I remove and shake each cart prior to doing a nozzle check. This allows me to view the ink level in each cart and if it is below 1/4 full, I refill it. I don’t trust the ink levels indicated on the printer/software. With the battery chips, I reset them when the cart is refilled. HOWEVER, on the new carts, they won’t reset until the printer reads it as empty. So if I refill a battery less cart before it reads empty the ink level will still read low. This proved to be an issue when I wanted to do an initial fill after my printer and carts had been sitting too long. The printer indicated the yellow was too low to do the initial charge, so I refilled it. But since it didn’t read empty, the printer still saw it as low even though it was full. To solve this issue, I finally replaced the chip with an extra chip I’d ordered from IJM and had on hand. Wrote myself a note on the chip envelope that the old chip would read low in the future. Such is technology.
Now, if IJM could release a chip resetter for the new R3000 chips, we would be all set :slight_smile:
Good Luck,


I should probably remove the carts to shake them before printing like you. I just wish that the carts didn’t sometimes reset by themselves. Otherwise, I really like the battery-style chips. It would be a pain if I suddenly had to refill a couple of carts because they reset on me. I know I wouldn’t have to do it right away, but I know I’d forget to do it in time.

I have one set of batteryless carts like you. My plan is to alternate carts. I’ll keep one set always filled outside the printer, and one set in the printer. As the battery chip carts get low, just swap it out for the other cart. I can then fill the empty carts at my leisure. For the batteryless carts, I guess I should always use them until they get low, and I’ll always have carts with a battery to do an initial fill if necessary.