LK shows 'blank No jets whatsoever

I am using OS -XP. with Cone Color Inks and an epson stylus Photo R3000 printer. My LK site when I do a print test shows nothing. It is blank. I am sure that I have somehow allowed air into my systems. By resetting the chip on the LK cart. and thaat the cart had ink in it would be the explanation. A stupid error on my part. So now I am faced with the LK site being blank, and when I print the test this site is blank. So how do I get ink back into the line. Running the tests don’t work. So I would appreciate your comment and if possible some way to get ink flowing in the LK line. I can’t find any instructions to do this anywhere. I thank you for your consideration and hopefully advice to cure this situation. Cheers, Roy L. Rasmussen.
PS- I have refilled all of the carts, I put in and Epson LK cart, and so on

The only way to power clean an Epson R3000 is by using the Epson Service Adjustment Software. We know that it is available from You can purchase and download it fro there. It is a Windows only solution. Epson has no Mac solution.

After you download the software:

Make sure that the printer is in the Ready state.

Launch the Epson Service Adjustment Software and click on Particular Adjustment Mode.

Click on Ink Charge on the Maintenance Menu. In the Ink Charge Menu click on the Ink Charge button. The printer will now perform the original ink initialization. It takes several minutes. About 15ml of ink in each position will be charged through the system. Do not interrupt the printer or system. You will see a confirmation that the ink charge has been completed when it is finished.

From this same window you can perform head cleanings and nozzle checks. You may wish to do so. However, if you can not get a clean nozzle check within 3 tries. Allow the printer to settle down for several hours. You can use the regular Epson utiltiy software or the printer’s maintenance menu to perform nozzle checks and head cleans.