Lines issues on prints_Epson 7880




I tried “Advance Adjustment” as well as ono333 suggested, but the result is the same.

I printed the same images with Epson driver. There are no issues on it. I am wondering if you think that this is related to software issue.

I can provide any info that you would like to take look at. I think that installation of softwares and inks is on the right track.





I just printed the same gray image with the feed speed at “-40”, and the horizontal banding lines were gone, but the vertical lines were still there.

I did the head alignment with Uni-D both auto and manual. Nothing improved it. I am wondering if there are any I work on the alignment other than these two.




I think you also need to do a CR and PF head-slant check if this was not done by your epson tech.

The repair manual for this printer (that discusses the CR and PF head-slant check) is available at the epson wide format board in the files section:

The CR and PF head-slant adjustment should be done whenever a head is replaced. It generally does not get done by epson techs though.

Before you post on that forum (if you have questions about CR and PF) I suggest you download the manual and read it thoroughly and do the test on your printer. Also there are several threads on that forum on this topic as well so search it too.

If PF and CR checks out ok, I really do not know what it could be. Just printed your test on our end and it looks perfect. No lines.



Hi Walker,

Thank you for helping my friend Akira!!

Do you suspect that the quality of the QTR calibration and/or linearization might be causing this issue?


Dear ono333. Considering the long track record of Piezography and QTR and the thousands of customers and thousands of prints we’ve produced ourselves (even the past few hundred prints on QTR with Pro ink done here in the last year) without issue, the problem is not inherent to the software or linearization at all. QuadtoneRIP even uses the Epson micro-weave on this printer and it’s not even doing it’s own inkdrop placement differently than Epson.



No no, I never suspect QTR’s own build quality! I am talking about if the calibration is not done right or not done at all, would this happen or not. That’s all.


Oh! Well, this is dependent on how old the printer is, what inkset it is, and how the curves are built. With Pro inks (topic of this thread), because of the even total ink limit, the out-of-box linearity even with older printers that have seen a lot of life is incredibly smooth and linear.

In general there is no need to linearize unless you start seeing issues.



Wow! I suddenly feel like an ancient guy!! I haven’t been printing with QTR for about an year and missed so much improvements then!!



I installed the pro inks to R2880 as well and printed the same image with Epson Premium Luster. The same issue on it, apparent vertical and slightly horizontal lines.(I did alighment before testing. The feed speed is not adjustable on this printer.) I am wondering why?? This printer also had similar issue with Epson driver, but very very slightly. … with QTR the lines are far more apparent(this printer had worked fine with Epson inks). I’ve tried total three printers and no printers can create fine prints. I also tested with a three different USB cables…Nothing changed

I asked you to share and print the same image. Did you print it with the same combo, the 2013 mac pro(black one)/os X? As you stated, there are many case without any issues, but I assume that the combo with the first batch would not be so many??

My computer might have graphic card issue, but it is not related to printing issues.(for sure, I am getting my computer checked at the genius bar today.)



I consider two things might be related to this issue. One is my computer had graphic card issues and it was fixed, but the noise can be seen when I look at the text online nowadays. Another thing is my monitor rotation, Eizo, is 270 degree due to some issue on it…



I got my computer inspected at the genieus bar. No issues were found.

I also did the same thing above with another computer, air mac/os x/priveous version print tool, and both 7880 and r2880. The result were what I stated the above, having banding issues(more apparent on the print created by r2880).

What you suggest to work on the next? The issue would be related to either the printers or software/profile. I am considering to the below.

Regarding the slant adjustment, do you think it is possible to work on it with the pro inks since it is so difficult to see the lines without colors? How do you always perform it?(I read the manual.)

Updated Yosemite to Sierra, the issues are still going.