Linearizing piezography Pro

I have been reading and re-reading the manual specifically the section on linearizing and find it confusing. I realize this was written a few years ago but it states that the ColorMunki is usable but the i1Studio (which replaced the Munki) is not. Did I read that correctly? So if I print a target set (from the Community edition ) from Piezography targets, I only see 21 (Colorport & i1Profiler) & 51, & 129 (ColorMunki) which one can I use? The example you show lists a 256 target and you’re using Print tool.for a mac. I’m on a PC using QTRgui. Am I SOL as far as what I have for hardware since the i1Studio spectrophotometer?

i1Studio is essentially a less able version of the ColorMunki. As per the screenshot instructions for the ColorMunki you can read the 129 step colormunki target.

It’s here: