Linearizing Curve Routine Needed for Digital Negs on a 1430

In using my 2880 on QTR, Jon had sent me a copy of PZDN-X800-Meth3 for use in creating digital negatives. With my 2880 on the blink, I’ve been trying to adapt a 1430 to do the same thing. Based on my last contact with Jon, he said that an equivalent routine would be available for the 1430 in the summer of 2015. The summer of 2015 is rapidly moving along. Has any progress been made on this? Any suggestions for an alternative curve in using QTR? Thanks

Oddly it’s been in the 40s and 50s here in Vermont and now only in the last few days are we seeing 80s! So, Summer is just only beginning to feel like Summer here… The reality is that I’m working hard on the upcoming James Nachtwey 911 show at the Currier Museum. Deadline is approaching and we’ve been at it for nearly three years. Today - hopefully we put the last of the prints in the drawer and I can get back to Piezography Dig Neg and Piezography PRO. Both of these are behind schedule! The 1430 project needs only about another 20-30 hours - so it may finish up quickly!

Thank you Jon. (By the way, I erred – it was the Method 1 routine that I had been using.) Here’s hoping for the successful completion of all of your work on the Nachtwey show I’ll bet it will be a excellent one. And, afterward, when you have a spare 20-30 hours, we 1430 digital negative users will be appreciative of what you can do for our negatives.

I second the thanks Jon. I am looking to get a 1430 to produce digital negatives for carbon printing, since I can’t seem to get my ancient 2200 to work with refill carts.
A question for you: Will an Epson refurbished 1430 printer be OK to use? Or should I go for a new one.

Refurbs are great!