Hi folks at IJM!

A few questions regarding linearization.

First, I am referring to Section 9 “linearizing piezography” in the “Piezography Manual 2016 Deluxe Edition”. This was part of the Piezography folder when I purchased the PiezoDN software package.

First question: I assume that the Piezography Professional Edition Software is not yet released as of this date (September 8, 2016) as it does not show up on the IJM web site?

Second question: I assume that I can still linearize my system by following the instructions in Section 9 (I meet all the requirements as outlined in this section)?

Last question: I am using a Spyder spectrophotometer and Spyder3 Software. I assume that the 51 and 129 step targets I will be using are located in piezography/images/pizeoDN Targets/Spyder folder and are called “PiezoDN-51step-Spyder.tiff” and “PiezoDN-129step-Spyder.tiff” respectively?


  1. It is not released (thus the NOT RELEASED YET) in that section of the manual.

  2. You can linearize PiezoDN with the PiezoDN instructions. Piezography linearization requires a different tool that has not been released yet.

  3. Yes

note: PiezoDN support is available at forum (log in first).


Thanks Walker.

Quick followup question: than section 9 of the Piezography Manual CANNOT be used to linearize piezography systems (i.e. non-PiezoDN)?

We are about to launch a piezography version of the PiezoDN smoother tool called the “Piezography Error Correction” utility. We have not launched that utility yet. Soon!


I found my answer. No need for followup.

When will Piezography Pro Edition Software be released?


Your answer and my question regarding release date crossed simultaneously in the ether.

[QUOTE=Michael;11947]I found my answer. No need for followup.

When will Piezography Pro Edition Software be released?


Somehow I don’t see the answer to this question in this thread. As I have a 7900 printer with a dead Green channel I am contemplating converting it to Piezography but I’ve been waiting to learn more about the upcoming Pro Edition and how it compares to the current available inksets and options. Is there a planned release date?

63 days and 19hrs is our current internal count-down clock. We may be able to get it done sooner though.

Samples will be available very soon! (we have it working on a 3880 internally right now)