Linear print defect 3880, front feed, 11x17 paper

I’m looking for help in diagnosing and fixing a new print problem using 11 x17 Han FineArt Baryta on a 3880 using Front Feed (HAN FAB is placed on a 2 ply mat board. Occurs using both standard and narrow platen gaps- haven’t tried wide) . I’m using K7 Neutral inks with a separate GO coat printing. The linear defect is present on the first ink printing (the GO helps fade it a little but it is still present). Please take a look at the images and let me know if you have any ideas. Much appreciated.

Are you saying you are trying to print with Hahnemuhle that has been mounted to 2play matte board already!?

This is too thick for the printer set on any platen gap but Wider or Widest.


Yes the Hahnemuhe FAB is on 2-ply mat (not mounted but just temporarily lightly held in place with double sided tape- a standard way to use front feed and avoid pizza wheel marks). I tried with Wider platen gap and still get the same issue. It turns out that it is a very faint manufacturing defect in the Hahnemule paper. It can just be seen with side lighting as a subtle gloss differential on the remaining unprinted paper in the box. I have contacted Hahnemuhle to let them know.

Walker, does a Wider platen gap lead to less sharp prints, in general?

Late reply, just seeing this.

Wide patten gap will give blurry prints if you don’t need it. But if you are printing on a thick paper, the relative distance between the printhead and top of the paper will be the same so the print will stay sharp.