Lightweight paper for lay flat books

Hi, managed to pick up a fastbind f32 lay flat book binder so i can make some piezography albums.

With this system you print on one side of paper, two sheets are then stuck to together, so 220gsm paper would become 440gsm book leaf, this probably a bit too thick.

I can’t find a paper from canson or hahnemuhle that are around 150gsm or less, any suggestions for a good paper for piezography that is light and robust enough for lay flat album?


Check out RedRiver.


HPR comes in 188; Entrada 190.

Hi, thanks for the replies,

RedRiver is US only, Moab is hard to find in the UK and expensive, HPR is an option.

AWAGAMI seem to do lighter weight papers, though.

Will keep looking see what option there are, thing is paper needs to be able to bend after having slight crease added to it.