Light Magenta Ink Splotches on Print



I loaded light magenta Cone cart (following instructions) and have made my first 4 prints with 2 prints ending up a few magentas splotch leaks. I did apply P-flush with Q-tip to print head as instructed. I did not use chip resetter being I didn’t see this in the instructions. I am trying to find the Epson Printer Utility in order to do a nozzle check which is one step not yet executed. Of course, I would like to avoid wasting anymore paper and ink - any tips for remedying this ink splotch issue? Much thanks.


Your description of your problem is fairly minimal, making it hard to diagnose. Which printer? I assume an R2400 as IJM don’t sell 2200 refillables. There is a cleaning video - did you follow it? It doesn’t sound like it, as you wouldn’t clean a print head with a Q-tip. Perhaps your description is imprecise and you only cleaned the ink nipples / nozzles in the cartridge bay. The 2200 and R2400 are both quite old and it’s likely that either one would need a fairly thorough clean. On Windows, the nozzle check is accessed via printer preferences, but I can’t advise on a Mac. A brand new refillable cart should not need to be reset as it should read full at new. You use the resetter when you refill.

If you read these forums you’ll find a number of people who have symptoms similar to yours. There are a number of possible causes and solutions. Correct filling technique and printer cleanliness deal with a lot of them. While a short post is easier to read than a long post, without more information you’re asking people to engage in blind guessing.


To access the printer utility on MAC OS you simply select the printer through your Preference/Printers, then select Options & Supplies, then Utility, from there you can run the Nozzle check (manually) as to not waste any more ink then need be.

I have a couple questions to start:

1.Has this printer been maintained with regular cleaning of the Capping Station, Wiper Blade and Bottom of print head?
2.How long does it sit unused with Pigment inks installed?
3.Did you use the vacuum method to fill the cartridge included in the instructions?