Light Cyan bad boy key

Well been having trouble with the cartridges in a 1430… showing that there out of ink, when there not, during the last several times that I have printed.
So have a couple of questions…

  1. If the little printed circuit board on the front of the key is lose, and not making proper contact, can that throw the 1430 into giving false reports of being out of ink, for other cartridges, as all the connections are not proper?

The reason for this question, is last night, I had to replace the CYAN InkThrift cartridge, but four others, when I put the printer back in service, showed empty, including the light Cyan.
Took them out and put them right back in… all were well except the light cyan… which I couldn’t remove again, when it showed it was still empty, when it was not.
This morning,got a flashlight, took the ink cartridges out each side of the light cyan one, to investigate. It would tilt, back to front, but not pull out… Tried to see if the printed crkt board was hanging it up… and could not see the board, to small a space to see much of anything. Found out the reason that I could not see it, is that when I took a hooked wire and gentle used it, to pull up on the cartridge, from the bottom, it came out, but no ckrt board was there. Missing in action and found later on the floor. Came to the conclusion, that what was hanging up the cartridge, was one of the pins, inside the printer, that makes the connection to the board. It must have gotten caught in that space somehow. Perhaps damaged before, by a loose ckrt board on the key… Found the pin connector, it was lying bent, at the bottom of the cartridge ink space.
Nuts… but actually got to straightened the pin out, and was able to slide it back into its slot.
2) All back together, … unsurprisingly, the printer is showing that the light cyan, is out of ink, which it is not!
Sooo… it could be the circuit board on the key, which, I put back in, an attached with a thin piece of scotch tape, at the top, not covering any of the connections. Yet, although stable, it may be dead.
… Or… it could be the pin, which is not making the electrical connection. (It was the third one over from the left.)

Can you purchase just one key… (Light Cyan), to test and verify that its the pin?

If is the pin… can these be purchased on the web?
Or perhaps the whole assembly?
Thanks for any help p.
Phew… :wink:

Hi prk~

After reviewing your order history, I see you originally bought a set of InkThrift capsules and keys for your 1400 in May of this year, and have purchased two more sets of InkThrift capsules since then, so I assume the keys were working correctly at first, and this is a new issue- is that correct?

Yes, if a cartridge or key is installed without a chip attached, it will catch and often damage the thin wires of the chip sensor inside the cartridge carriage. Unfortunately, I have never been able to repair a bent chip sensor, and a new sensor must be installed.
I have attached instructions I wrote for replacing a desktop printer chip sensor. I will go check, and believe we may have a few replacement sensors (that I have removed from printers that were headed to the dump). If we have some, I will send you one, along with a new LC key.

Best regards~ Dana

Replace desktop chip (31.6 KB)

Yes, this is a new issue. Everything was working correctly, except for the last three times, where the printer was informing that I was out of ink, when I wasn’t. Could that have been the light cyan key… messing up?
Will check out your documentation… thank you…

Yes, without a chip attached to the LC key, or with a damaged chip sensor in the LC position of the cartridge chamber, the printer will continuously say “no cart” for that position until the chip sensor is replaced.

I’m out of the office today, but can send you a new chip sensor to install in your printer, along with a new LC key with chip attached.

Please keep me posted and let me know if you have questions, or there’s anything else I can help you with.
Best regards~ Dana

Oh that will be great, thank you… looking forward to getting sensor and LC key… and printing again.
I was sweating how I was going to take the printer apart to get at the sensors, and breathed a sigh of relief, when I opened up your emailed .pdf. Boy was that simple… :wink: Will keep you informed.

The replacement sensor and LC key are in the mail to you today, and should arrive shortly. In the future, please make sure chips are attached before installing keys. Although they are attached with melted plastic nubs, they can apparently come loose and even fall off over time, so it’s worth checking.

Keep me posted on your sensor replacement, and let me know if you have questions or there’s anything else I can help you with.
All the best~ Dana :slight_smile:

Received replacement sensor and LC key, that did the trick, thank you very much…
Ha… we are now more aware of the chip, when we take the key in and out now! :wink:
It’s sure good to be able to print again.

Fantastic, thanks for letting me know the new sensor and key resolved your problem!

Best regards and happy printing~ Dana :slight_smile: