Light black not printing

Hi I purchased 5 new kits of ink for my 3800 Epson printer. I followed all the instructions on the video and then the photo black and light black we not registering with the printer. So I took them out and put them in with
a little push and they connected. So I shut off my printer and put it back on to check and the light black would not requester so I took it out again and put it back. NOW it won’t print a speck of ink. I spoke to Wells and he suggested that perhaps there is air in the line??? Please send advice as I need to remedy this situation. Oh and the cartridge shows its full on the printer levels window so it is being acknowledged.

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Hi Coco~

Did you prime your refillable cartridges before installing into your printer?
Have you done any regular or Power clean cycles?
Are all other channels printing well?
What ink did you have installed in this printer prior to installing our inks and refillable carts?
Have you removed, inspected for obvious issues + reinstalled the LK cartridge?

Please let me know~ Dana

Hi Dana yes I’ve done all of the questions as far as priming etc I’m not sure if my life black was oem or a 3 rd party but was working prior to installing ur cartridge I ran a manual test and everything is fine but the lite black please help me solve this it’s becoming frustrating TKS for ur prompt reply

Have you done any regular or Power clean cycles?
Did the LK cartridge prime easily, like the other carts- or did you experience resistance while priming the LK cart?

Hi I don’t recall any resistance priming the LK and as far as cleaning goes no,------ just ran a big ass cleaning and now the LK cart shows few speckles of color on the test sheet.
Please either send a new cart or tell me what to do!!! I’m in a class and need my printer HELP……. also I need two more colors if you do think its the cart please let me know so I can order all together I still have ink in the others but a little and that cleaning sucks them up!!!
561-603 9027

Dana where’d you go??? I gotta get this fixed please help I just don’t know what to do from here I’ve never had a problem with this printer and now I am… please send info

Based on what you say, I don’t think it’s a cartridge issue (since the cart primed easily, like other carts that are working well), and recommend you run 3-4 regular cleaning cycles, with nozzle checks after each to check the results after cleaning. I suspect you have a little air in the LK line that needs to be purged.

Please let me know your results or if there’s anything else I can help you with.
Best~ Dana