Life Expectancy of R3000

I know no one can predict for sure, but since inkjetmall is still selling inks for the R3000 and people (like me) are buying them, there must be some confidence that these printers still have life in them. My printer has lasted longer than I thought it would. But I must admit it spent more time in storage and I held my breath when I finally plugged it in and it hadn’t clogged up (I wasn’t expecting it to be there so long). So as I go to place an order for a lot more cone ink, how do I know the printer will be around to use it?
Also there don’t seem to be a wide selection of printers that use these inks. Nothing new anyway… I really hope mine lasts a long time…

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The R3000 has an internal pressure pump system. It’s newer version (the P600) does as well.

Both printers will last a long time and IJM supports both.

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Thank you Walker. But on the compatibility list, the P600 is not listed as being compatible with the colorcone K3 vivid inks I use in my R3000. If my R3000 conked out and I replaced it with the R600, can I use those inks in the R600? Can they be used in other brand printers? I am not savvy enough to compare them to OEM inks.

Thanks for your help


ConeColor Pro (K3) inks will work fine on the P600. We use a unique encapsulation and filtering technology that selects specific (and very small) sized pigment/co-polymer particles. The ink works on piezo-electronics that are even designed for Dye (eg: 1430 and 1400s).

We have built a bunch of profiles for this ink and the P600 available here:


Thank you Walker!