LF Epson network connector

this isn’t a support question, just an irritation with these printers and maybe some of you have experienced the same and have advice-
anyone else find it unreliable and finnicky, kind of loose and hard to get “just right”? Seems a consistant problem for me with a history of these printers… and yesterday, since I had coincidental other problems that could be the cause, spent an hour looking for communications problems that were just that cable not sitting “just so” in Epson’s loosy goosy connector… grrrr

yes. it’s a problem.

The 9800 network connector just plain-old doesn’t work often.

An old G5 connected via USB works as a great print-server BTW.

good to know it’s not just me… a post on the LF yahoo list, where I figured there’d be some similar experiences, got me a bunch of irrelevant advice about what I was doing wrong… thanks W