Less Clogs in Winter on 4900

I keep my epson 4900 with Piezo in inks in my basement here in New York City.

My basement is not cold or excessively humid but I did notice that I experience less clogs from non use in the winter then during the summer season.

Is there any reason for this?

thank you.

I’m not quite sure, but it may be temperature or humidity related?

Is it better for printing room to be colder or warmer?

is less humidity or more humidity in the room better for clog prevention?

Too hot and too dry is the worst for a printer, and can easily cause clogging and other ink flow issues, as well as problems with paper.

As per the Epson 4900 user guide:

“Avoid places subject to rapid changes in temperature and humidity. Also keep this product away from direct sunlight, strong light, heat sources, or air conditioners.”

Best temperature and humidity levels for printing are:
59 to 77 °F (15 to 25 °C)
40 to 60% Humidity (without condensation)

Best regards~Dana