Legacy K7 inks in P400

I’m using the P400 with Neutral Shades 1-7 to print matte to Awagami Bamboo paper.
I’d like to use my existing inks as they’re still in suspension and coming to the end of their shelf life [<2 yrs].

How best can I create/adapt/acquire a curve?
The legacy Curves-HD/P400-K6 don’t include Neutral Shades 1 or 7. Nearest equivalent curves in the set aren’t giving me continuous gradations in the shadows.

I love these inks and Piezography and I’d hate for them to be rendered unusable.

hmmm . . you may need to print a target from the old K7 (Hahnemuhle photo rag) curve and send it in for linearization. I do not have a K7 (nu1) curve for this printer.


Thanks Walker for such a prompt reply.
Happy to do that. Please direct me to the old K7 {hahn photo rag) curve you mean.

Do you mean the K6-NU-UHD-HahnPhoRag308, or one of the older curves I still have in Library/…/Quadtone for another printer?


There are bamboo curves for the R2000 in the Community Edition and I’d have thought that these would suit the P400. I’m happily using P400 Pro curves in my ancient R1900. The HD R2000 curves include some Awagami ones. There is also a Hahn Bamboo curve for both HD K7 and non-HD.

Thanks Brian. I’ll try these right away.