Left inks missing after powerful cleaning on Epson 9800


Hi form France !

Is anyone already see that ? All inks from left holder are not printing. It happened after powerful cleaning on an Epson 9800 filled with Neutral Piezography kit. As i know, dampers never been changed and cleaning system is a mess … But i do cleaning the print head, capping station and wiper blade with Piezoflush.

Also the printer was running ok before i did the powerful cleaning.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions,

Best to all,


you probably need a new damper assembly, but start with a new ink system / aka capping statio. replacing the dampers is especially important for the x800 series, but is much more difficult than the newer printers and very easy to mess up, so start with the capping station and see where you’re at. dont forget to order a new wiper blade. also, do a head-soak using simple green cleaning fluid or piezoflush. look up videos on youtube, inkjet mall has a few on how to do a head soak and replace various parts. order parts here:

^^^those dampers are off brand, so not sure on quality, but CompassMicro no longer has 9800 parts it seems, they were legit.