Leaky light black cartridge epson 3880

yesterday I replace 4 cartridges - all same time/same technique

printed a run last night everything seemed fine - last print had some edge ink I attributed to not taping down fabric enough (using front feeder 13x19 canvas)

this morning - noticed some ink on my first print - only to discover when I opened my ink cover that the light black had leaked all over
I cleaned up the mess - checked that the cartridge had all the appropriate plugs in place (it did) - replaced the cartridge - did a test print that looked okay but when I inspected the ink cartridge it was wet again

I believe it’s as simple as a faulty cartridge, there will be a replacement in the mail tomorrow.

You can simply pour the ink out of the leaky cart into the new cartridge, it will flow out better if you insert the priming tip into the exit valve (of the leaky cart) to release the vacuum inside and help the ink to flow out faster.

Thanks Kelly - I’ll look for it tomorrow.

Hi Kelly - mail just came - no cartridge - is it coming US Mail or another delivery service?

Hi Ann, It shipped from the warehouse today, you should see it tomorrow or at the latest friday.

Hi Kelly - I received my replacement cartridge today (was shipped 2nd day). Fortunately, I had a syringe on hand to fill the new cartridge and all seems to be back in working order.
I did lose about 1/3 of the ink to the leak and transfer - Could you offer me a partial credit or free shipping or a discount on a future order?
Thanks, Ann

Hi Ann,
There will be a 10% discount applied to your next purchase, please email when ordering to have the discount applied to your order.

Thanks Kelly - I will. Ann