Leaky carts

I burned though a bunch of in before realizing the carts were leaking. the cyan, photo black and magenta carts defiantly leaked, the tanks would empty out overnight and require refill and re-prime, I had been using Cobra ink and tried one your photo black inks because theirs didn’t absorb into the paper as well, your ink worked very well.
I have replaced the leaking tanks with my old cobra tanks for now and they are working well.
after all the trouble with your tanks and the ink wasted and the cleanup involved I feel you should send me another batch of ink as I am now almost out on some of them and halfway out on the others, don’t bother with the carts I will get those from cobra. it looks like a lot of people have had trouble with yours.

The leaking cartridge concerns we have experiences have mainly been with older, or neglected printers. The head tolerance is much lower the older the printer gets OR lack of maintenance has been performed OR worse yet, letting a printer sit around without use for extended periods of time. There has been several threads on this topic here on the forum, I would assume that is where you have determined that

a lot of people have had trouble with yours

When these problems arise we try to solve the problem before throwing replacements at the printer. The excessive usage of ink leaking from your printer would have MORE then noticeable. You would have seen dripping of ink all over your prints, this problem normally presents itself in a very quick manure, leaving no room for oversight.

It is possible you have a faulty cartridge or maybe 2, but it’s rare. Considering I use on average 50+ FULL SETS of these cartridges every year for testing in our R2880 and have only literally had 1 faulty cart, I find it very hard to believe you have 3 + leaking cartridges and you didn’t notice a problem until your ink was gone?

I need to get some back ground information on your printer before we go any further. To help me diagnose this problem, please answer these questions:

1.How old is this printer?
2.How often do you clean the Capping Station, Wiper Blade and bottom of the Print head?
3.How long does this printer sit without use with pigment inks installed?

it is between 1 and 2 years, I clean it every 3 to 6 months depending, I use it generally once a week sometimes more.
I don’t have any problem with the ink carts from cobra, I have replaced 3 of yours with the cobra carts that I was using before and they are working fine no problems.

What were the symptoms of the leaking carts? Did you see any dripping on your prints indicating there was a problem?

I will send you replacement cartridges in the mail tomorrow, if you would please verify the new ones work in your printer.
I can extend a discount of your next order towards CCPRO inks, mention it to Wells next time you order and he will apply a 10% discount. Once you receive the carts please let me know your results Thanks-Kelly

I don’t want replacement carts after having three of them fail in my printer and having to clean up after them, I have ones that work and will order those in the future. And 10% of ink when I blew through half of it due to faulty carts, are you serious.
I like your ink but your carts have problems.

I appreciate the fact that you sent me new carts but I am not sure that I will use them I will probably order carts from Cobra. My problem is all the ink that was wasted and the time I had to spend cleaning up and diagnosing the problem. I would prefer if you sent replacement ink instead of the carts.

We provide replacements for faulty parts, the cartridge(s) in this case were considered the “faulty” part, although that remains to be proven and/or verified. Our cartridges are extremely reliable and it is rare one is faulty, as I mentioned before I test exclusively with the R2880 and use multiple sets of these carts with no issues. I have recently sent out some replacements for the same complaint with good results, so I know there are a few out there that have had some problems, unrelated to old printer heads. If you decide too, you can use these extra carts for flushing carts to clean or store your printer when not in use.

The ink in this case was not the culprit to your problem and you should have noticed a significant problem with ink dripping and/or mixing when you 1st started having problems with the carts in question. These kind of issues don’t happen slowly over an extended period of time, it comes on all the sudden and there is NO question that you would have noticed before you lost a bunch of ink.

The ink may not be the culprit but the victim, a lot of it was lost, especially with three carts leaking.
I had to run several cleaning cycles to get them to work so when they came up empty after a couple of prints I attributed that to the cleaning cycles then they had to be re primed and I eventually figured out they where leaking. this all happened in a two day period.
If this happened to you after you ordered something like this and all they offer you is a 10% discount how would you feel about continuing to do business with them.

I have issued an RMA for the cartridges, please return them to our warehouse, you will be receiving an email shortly with instructions for return.

Once we receive the cartridges we will ship you the replacement Cyan, Magenta and PK inks at no charge to you.