"leak" in new style IJM carts (for the Epson 1430)

The first photo shows the leaks, in the Cyan cartridge, and the second photo in the Magenta cart. (I’m using an all black inkset, varying from all black to about 6%). These newer carts have no plug for the air vent, the hole is too small. I thought maybe I could tape over the vent, see third photo, and left it over night. It turned out the next day there was no additional leakage.

Maybe I don’t have a leak…but I don’t recall anything in the instructions about taping the vent.

Any comments would be appreciated, thank you.

Oops… how can I attach photos?

I should explain something. I would not tape over the vent hole when printing. I had the printing carts out so I could put Piezograph in a set of cleaning carts in the printer for storage. I plan to run a nozzle check every so often. The carts containing printing ink were to be stored in the plastic box with lid, and that’s when I began getting “leaks” in a couple of the carts.