LC 100% clogged even after TWO PiezoFlush initial charges

So I have a 3880 which I charged with fresh cartridges filled with Pizeoflush. Made an initial fill charge with adjustment program, waited 48hrs, did another one, and the LC was still 100% clogged.

Every nozzle is perfect and prints pink except LC. Nothing prints at all for LC.

Waited another 24 hours, to give Piezoflush time to dissolve more, then did the Nozzle check/print image/nozzle check/print image thing as I read about it on luminous-landscape, and the 3rd nozzle check started printing some pattern, and it was still blue! I can’t believe that after TWO initial charge there would still be blue ink left. So I’m thinking the damper must be totally blocked or 98% blocked, making it impossible for Piezoflush to reach the tubes and the head.

My concern is if I try changing the whole ink selector unit (eBay has individual dampers available but the service manual has no instruction on how to replace individual dampers) but the print head is the problem? It’d would suck to put $200 on a part + my time to change something for nothing. I may as well change the capping station at that point. If I have to change the printhead too then its no longer a cost effective operation.

Any ideas?

I suggest pulling the print-head and manually flushing it (very very carefully, don’t get any liquid on the exposed wires at the top!) with the Small Format flush kit we sell.

When doing this, you can actually push down and then pull up a bit. You may have debris stuck in the intake manifold at the top of the head on that channel. If that is the case, no amount of vacuuming (aka doing cleans or purges on the printer itself) will get the piezoflush through the head.

After you see PiezoFlush going through the nozzles during this manual purge (it will create a line of mist coming out the business end of the print head) you can put it back into the printer and run a maintenance cleaning and see if you have nozzles firing.


Thanks will order the kit and try that!

Should PiezoFlush be used in 2 years or less like your inks? I have some that is about 10 months old, but I may want to order a whole gallon for the savings considering I am picking up a new 4900 tomorrow. Will depend on how long it can last.

As long as the PiezoFlush is in a closed container, it will last quite a long time (2+ years). But you have to make sure it doesn’t come in contact with too much air. And shake it every once and a while (or turn it from side to side every half year or so.)


Can I leave unused Piezoflush in the cartridges for extended storage or do you advise emptying them back in the bottle if I am done?

Keep them in the cartridge. Tape over the ink outlet.