Launch date of new monochrome?

I need to order new K7 carbon ink, and I would prefer the announced new monochrome (one pass), since second pass GO doesn’t work out on the 4900. Any idea when will the new ink be available?


The carbon ink is going to be a special beast.

A few things to know.

  1. The new single pass carbon will not be the same color as the old carbon. They’re both pure carbon and because of this we are beholden to their unique qualities. Different carbon technology = different colors.
  2. The carbon is coming out second after our single pass neutral. Single pass neutral is in its final testing phase. There are some technological decisions to be made about this neutral ink that we have not finalized yet and current R&D of this ink is in a holding pattern until we do finalize them. This is related to the age-old question “What is neutral?” We may launch this ink with a new feature that allows for very small live tweaks to the “neutrality” of the set. This is holding up carbon development a bit.
  3. The carbon color will be greener on gloss paper and more elephant-skin olive warm-neutral on matte paper compared to the rosy brown of the original carbon.
  4. The pure carbon ink set will be the glossiest of all our inks ever made.
  5. All new single pass ink sets are going to be K6 + Gloss Optimizer printing at same time.

I’m thinking 2.5 months out before we have the initial batches made for carbon (maybe longer). We have some other high priority projects happening right now . . .


interesting… personally I hope the ‘greener’ color will look different than the epson pure black, I’m looking forward to the one pass process



It is not the same, no, but possibly closer.

Basically the formula is: the smaller the carbon nano-particle, the glossier the ink gets, and the more “yellow” the ink gets. This color quality is specific to printing on glossy paper. It’s a pretty amazing color all told and the reason for making this ink (other than this incredible olive brown) is for a single pass gloss 100% carbon K6 capability that does not settle out or have any color bronzing or chromaticity issues associated with color pigment. This will be one heck of an archival ink.


Hi Walker

Which printers will be able to utilize this new ink set?


John Powers

all printers that can print Piezography


Thanks Walker for the quick reply. Does that include the Epson XP-15000 printer as well?

Best regards, John

XP-15000 is a pre-filled only solution (due to a very very different printer design that literally precludes refillable altogether). We do plan to do neutral on this printer but probably after the carbon for that model.


Hi Walker

Any update to the rollout date of this new carbon ink set?


It’s formulated but production is delayed until I can get our new ecommerce site done by May. I’ll jump on it the second that’s up and running though.


New carbon inks still cooking?

slow simmer


Interested, interested…Any samples available, or images we can see online ?

The same ink will work with both matte and glossy paper ? If it is inherently more glossy, are matte images also better protected against scuffing than the previous version ?

I’m very interested in both the new warm carbon and new neutral carbon inksets.

Are they about ready to ship?

If you need a beta tester for either id love to try them in my 3880 and then probably put them in my other large format Epsons. By their description I feel like I’ve been waiting for these options for 15 years.