'Latest'... Piezography K6 Profiles -- For Epson R1430?

Quick Question:

Are the Piezography K6 (1400-1430-K6) Profiles that I downloaded with the latest version of QTR (2.7.7)…
The latest Profiles that are ‘available’ for the R1430?

I have looked around the forum, piezography.com and of course in your ‘NEW Piezography Manual’…
But, I did not see any K6 curves – That were newer than Mar. 2008.

Please advise. Thank-you!
Kind Regards, -Tim!

These are the latest curves.

No problem… Understood in full.
Thank-you for the message reply Walker. Greatly appreciated!

Just an update on this thread (and related to other small formats), we will be making new master and curves for the 1430 at some point soon. This may come in the form of a new driver that is for Piezography that brings the resolution and quality of all small formats up.

Related to cartridges:

We decided to come up with our own unique cart design with totally different air/liquid flow control and equilibrium. These carts will come out for all small format (besides the R1800s and R1900s) soon.

We hope they are well received.