Last attempt on the Epson 7890

Hi. I have tried several suggested solutions to my Epson 7890 not printing from the magenta channels. There are air in the tubes, which I now am certain is part of the problem.

What I have tried:

  • Several cleaning attempts, both normal and power from the printer itself
  • Deep cleaning overnight with cleaning solution, which resulted in six perfect colors at nozzle check, but no magentas
  • Initial fill, six times wasting a lot of ink

I got a reply from mr Walker where he said it was a head delamination, but unfortunately at the time I had explained the problem wrong, so I will try again, since I made that mistake.

There is no ink flowing from the magentas. No magenta ink flows to the waste tank, only all other types of ink. The printer seems to think the fluid is flowing, because it programs the chip to go towards empty for every initial fill, but I have confirmed by physical opening that at least two cartridges are just as full as they were when new. I now can clearly see large air bubbles in the tube, and while initial filling, the air bubbles are not moving. It is also making a strange sound, like it is creating some kind of vacuum somewhere, it sounds like it’s trying to push air through a very tiny opening.

So, in short:
-Perfect nozzle check, exept for absolutely nothing on both magenta channels
-Printer has only printed 148 pages, but were not in use for over a year before I cleaned it. (All channels were clogged at the time)

  • Vacuum noise while initial filling. Most times it ends it before 100%, sometimes at 55%, other times about 88%.
  • Now it says “clogged nozzle detected, cleaning recommended”, but I am pretty sure there are no normal clog issues any longer. I think it it either the head, the pump or something bigger in the tubes that stops the ink from flowing from the cartridge.

Any help is very much appreciated. This printer is very close to being trashed, although it does print very nice using only black ink atm.

OK, so this may not be a de-lamination. Thanks for clarifying

The clog is deep. You need to remove the cartridge and re-prime it.

Then you need to possibly take the ink selector out and replace it and at the same time remove the head and do a gentle and manual PiezoFlush purge of the ink spike (careful not to get any liquid on the electronics) and through the nozzle plate with our small format ink purger:

Then, if it’s true that this was all sitting for a year without use, I recommend replacing the Vivid Magenta entirely with a new ink. Magenta is the least forgiving ink for sitting around in a head and damper and lines.

Use our Vivid Magenta HDX ink as the replacement. You can dump the old and fill with new.

best regards,

Thank you for swift reply.

I did change the magentas at least two times. Now, the last time I used the light magenta I bought from you, primed it and put it in. No change. The biggest air bubble is at least 6cm, and it was not moving.

So, what I need to do is actually remove the print head and use the cleaning solution on that? From what I have seend on Youtube, that is not very easy to remove, but I guess I have no choice at this point. Not too much to lose.

I already have cleaning solution (Print head hospital), syringes, tube, swabs and all that, so maybe I can start this with what I have. I guess using only isopropanol would be dangerous, since it can delaminate the head?

From what I can see from Youtube, I can push and pull the solution through the head as long as I use moderate force?

all the best,