Large format SureColor support + new products! :)

We are about to announce details and specifics for our upcoming SureColor P6000, P7000, P8000, and P9000 support. This has been a long marathon of work from over a year of chip testing and collaboration with chip factories to new cartridge moulds, redesigns, testing, even new moulds, etc.

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It’s been 3 darn years this time but we can finally say we have a stable third-party solution that is tested and verified.

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R&D @ Vermont PhotoInkjet LLC.

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Any questions you have please ask below.


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First, congratulations to everyone at IJM! This is a great milestone for IJM and for piezography printers worldwide!

At some point in the near future I will probably be upgrading my 7880 to a P6000. Since I can’t seem to find the answer I am seeking I am turning to the experts at IJM. Can you tell me about the head used in the P6000? Is it a new design? Or is it the same head used in the dreaded, ill-fated X9XX series?


So here’s the deal, it’s exactly the same head (even though epson is calling it a different head. Same serial and part#).

What has changed is the pump pressure and the damper and the cleaning assembly. Essentially they fixed how everything before and after the head works and this keeps the heads from blowing out.

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Thank you Walker!


any updates on the orange and green for the P7000?

In testing. :wink:

Hold tight. These things can take some time


Cool, just checking. I had a 7800 that died two weeks ago and had to replace it . The only machine I could get my hands on is the P7000. I thought I had got a great deal on it (& still may have) until I got it home and found that Epson had locked out the use of refillable cartridges. It came with enough inks to last a while but I’ll need to replace them sooner or later.

I am thinking to convert my P9000 to Piezo ink set, and give up the SP7900 I am currently using for Piezography. I need to move the P9000 to a new lab before I can switch the ink. I have a problem because the lift is too small in the new location and I have to tilt the P9000 for short time in the lift to get to the floor I am in. I have plan to pay for the Epson Service Adjustment Software in Does any one has experience in tilting the printer with all ink purged first? I have two options
Option 1: install the empty cartridges I have in into the printer, take out the maintainance and move the printer as it is.
Option 2. Use the software to purge and empty the ink as much as I could before moving it to the new location, then install Piezo inks set later. Not sure the software can empty the inks in the printer.
Or any recommendations?
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I moved and epson 11880 down 2 flights of residential stairs in a hallway once. There was no problem with tilting it. Just make sure you take the carts out and the waste ink tanks and that the head is capped. When we tilted this printer I think we made sure the head was up. This ensured that no downward ink pressure went through the head. I had to do a few power cleanings afterwards but there was no damage. That was a fun day . . .

No need to purge.

Also the software for this can be found at the Epson wide format group: | Home

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Hi Walker, thanks for the good tips and the group link. My 7900 now close to retired and I am excited to be able to print Piezography on 44" media.