Large format refill cartridge

"The 9890 has experienced an LK cart failure due to over pressurization? The LK cart was replaced and worked well until recently when it began to leak again. Now the Cyan cart has dumped ink in the printer.

Epson recently serviced the printer and replaced:

  1. Printhead
  2. Pump/Cap Assy
  3. Wiper Assy.
  4. Selector Unit

Again, multiple cartridge failures with leaking ink again. Repairs to date have cost $2400."

I reviewed our past support emails and see you experienced an LK cartridge with a leaking ink bag in early March, though from the photos I can see it was not a massive leak, and we immediately sent you a replacement cartridge.
Looking at your support cases, I see you contacted us about missing nozzles in the cyan position back in November, but I did not hear back from you (other than several spam emails) regarding my last message on 11/27…

Are you removing air and priming cartridge exit chambers with ink using the syringe and priming tip (as demonstrated in our video and explained in the current 7890/9890 refill cartridge instructions), or just the syringe? If you’re just using the syringe, and your new LK cartridge is leaking from the exit port, it may be that you are damaging the gray rubber exit valve seals- in which case, you will need to 1. replace the rubber seals and 2. get and use the priming tip on the syringe when removing air and priming the carts.

Please be aware (check online to read other 7890/9890 and 7900/9900 users’ experiences), these newer printer models have a LOT of mechanical issues, and a leaking cartridge would not cause damage to the parts you had replaced.
When we first got our 7900 printer, I installed the set of Epson carts and started using the machine to learn more about and get used to it. Within the first month (still with Epson carts installed), I experienced several issues and had to have a service tech come out to work on the machine THREE different times to get it working well. Over the three visits to work on our printer, he replaced the selector unit (dampers), print head, capping station assembly (twice) and main board!!! Since then, it has been working flawlessly for the past nearly two years (with our refill carts and ConeColor inks installed for the majority of that time). Due to the alarming amount of problem reports we’ve received from 4900, 7890/9890 and 7900/9900 users (many have only ever used Epson inks, but experience problems and contact us for help after getting no support from Epson), we recommend everyone with these printer models protect themselves by getting the extended warranty.

Please let me know where your cartridge seems to be leaking from so I can help fix that problem, if you have questions or if there’s anything else I can help you with.
Best regards~ Dana :slight_smile:

our lt black does not have a problem any more now its the l cyan and we do prime the cartridge every time we put in new ink. and the ink comes out from air hole not from the ink outlet

it seams the bag inside the cartridge has a leak

Thanks for the additional information. From your first message “The LK cart was replaced and worked well until recently when it began to leak again.” I thought you meant the new LK cartridge began leaking.
Are you using all 700ml size refill carts, or do you have any 350ml carts installed as well? About how long have you been using this cyan cartridge without problems before you noticed it leaking?

In the last message I sent on 11/27/12 in your support case #2701 (you contacted us because you had trouble getting all cyan nozzles printing on the nozzle check), I asked “When had the printer last been used (and was printing all cyan nozzles) before you wrote on 11/12? How often have you agitated the cartridges and used the printer since installing ConeColor refillable carts? Does ink leak from the cartridge exit valve when the cartridge is removed from the printer? How have you been priming the cartridges- do you have our new priming tip, or do you use a plain syringe?” You never responded to that message, so I assumed the nozzle check started looking good and you were happily printing…
Considering you contacted me about flow issues with the cyan cart a few months ago, I wonder if it was leaking at that time and you just noticed it? Have you removed or refilled this cartridge since you contacted me about flow issues in November?

Please let me know so I can help you get back to happily printing.
Best regards~ Dana :slight_smile:

after i spoke to you back in November we called Epson and after doing few things over the phone they suggested we need to get a technician in which was $275.00 for first hr an 175.00 each additional hr .so based on looking at the print we were happy with the result so we left it alone. till last month when i came in the morning and saw a big puddle of ink black ink under the middle of the printer under the pressurizing pump. so we had to get a service call. and no guarantee .
they had to change the parts and that fixed the nozzle and no more leak . but couple of days latter we checked inside the ink cradle and saw ink again inside cartridges .and after cleaning them we realized that lk bag was broken and leaking.after it was changed every thing was fine till last night at the end of the day when i shut down the printer and cyan start purring down under the printer. so this morning after checking the cartridges in left side filled up with cyan ink. after examining the cartridges we see light cyan is leaking now

we do use 700 ml cartridges all bought at the same time
we use the old syringe and a pin to prime the cartridges.

Any updates for me

Sorry for not responding sooner, I had to go home last night.

Thanks for the additional information. So, the cartridges have not been removed from the printer and inspected or refilled since November?
I am concerned that maybe the use of “a pin” and old syringe priming method has damaged your cartridges, so recommend you use our new priming tips and procedure from now on. You can watch our video to see a demonstration of the carts being filled, primed, reset, etc… our video and written instructions (downloadable on the instruction tab), can be found here:

After reviewing your order history, I see you bought the set of 700ml refillable carts for your 9890 in early Sept. 2011. At that time, the cartridge manufacturer recommended purging air and priming the carts with a straightened paperclip and syringe (as per our original instructions in 2011). Since then we discovered a new priming tool and procedure, which we recommend everyone have and use, because it’s easier/quicker, and has less chance of causing damage to the cartridge. If the paper clip and syringe method is done gently and correctly, that procedure does work- but we have found many people have been too rough or not paid close attention, inserted the paperclip tip thru the side of the rubber exit valve seal (instead of thru the center hole), inserted the paperclip or syringe tip in too far/hard and caused damage to the cartridge, causing ink to leak.
We have the priming tips available here (they can be used on any slip-tip end syringe):
If your cartridges have been damaged, then I recommend using new carts and weather you use your current carts or new ones- only the priming tip should be used to remove air from the internal ink bag and prime the exit channel with ink- as per our video and current written instructions.

Please let me know if you have questions or if there’s anything further I can help you with.
Best regards~ Dana :slight_smile:

Is that causing the leakage under the pressurizing pump

As far as extended warranty i have heard from people that according to epson if you use any other ink beside epson you loose the warranty

What you have been told about voiding your warranty by using non-Epson inks is completely false, and explained/clarified in detail here:

If a cartridge bag has been punctured and leaks into the plastic body of that cart, if unnoticed, the ink can flow out the air inlet point, which leads to the other carts (the plastic body of the other carts- which doesn’t come into contact with ink in the bag) and the pressurization pump at the end of the tubing.

Very strange that I found this. Jut this morning our Epson Photo Black 700 Ml bag also exploded, again this is an Epson original.
There is lots of ink below where the ink cartridge sits. The ink didnt go anywhere else.
I am posting this in case anybody else have had he same issued. We are calling Epson as this moment.

We never have this problem before.

We had another customer with a similar problem today. It can be caused by faulty pressure equalization between the carts too. Generally this can be a sign of using v1 firmware so I often tell people to update the firmware (on this particular printer only) if they have these types of pressure issues.