Lack of instructions poor documentation on cleaning procedures from inkjetmall

I am having problems with one color (LK) that has a consistent pattern missing about 25%. I am ready to flush the channel which is LK and the current black. There are no instructions on this site that I can find that explains the best practice of flushing a single channel. Initial fill sounds like the machine will just push ink through the other four channels therefore flushing my money down the toilet. I am more than a little disappointed and the lack of useful info on this topic. The idea that customers buy your products and inkjetmall ships with little to no information on how to use the product is negligent.

They do have information on cleaning/ flushing, but your post brings up one beef of mine, organization of their web site(s). It seems (I could be wrong) that this is part of Walker’s mandate. If so, he’s got a huge job because IJM seems to have stuff spread over 3 or 4 sites!

That said, I love their ink and the support here is usually pretty good. (Sometimes you have to pester).

As for cleaning one channel, the only thing I’ve heard about is to use QTR to print one colour. But, according to Walker and other things I’ve heard, if you’ve got blocked nozzles, that method is hard on the head and it’s better to use the power clean.