LAB/RGB values of Piezography Pro inks on Epson PPP (matte)

Does anyone know the LAB/RGB values for 100% ink per channel swatches for the Piezography pro inkset on Epson Premium Presentation Paper (matte)? I’m flushing stains and want to know when they are running clean. I am measuring with a ColorMunki and their Photo ColorPicker software.

Open this image and use an eye dropper. (674.2 KB)

I don’t think my question was very clear. I just installed a pro inkset on an R3000 using Epson color inks. I am purging yellow out of the pro warm tone light grey channel. To do so, I am using QTR in calibration mode and printing the QTR-Y-flush file found in Piezography community editions. I purge a couple of pages a day using Epson Premium Presentation Paper. I then sample the page with a Color Munki to see how much yellow is in it. Last reading (16 sample average) was:

LAB - 54.5, 1.48. 7.4
GRB - 137, 129, 117

This is a significant improvement from a couple of days ago, but is it printing stain free?

I am looking for a target color on this paper/ink combo to use as a benchmark. I would also like to do this with all the other channels for the pro inkset.