K7 "Neutral" kit but non neutral inks

I bought a K7 neutral kit and, for the second time, I found that inks are not completely ‘neutral’.

It is a mess when it happens because I have to flush away all the inks and refill them with new ones. I don’t know if this happens due to formulations errors or delivering misunderstanding.

Here is two sample images of what I am talking about. I measured twice the pure inks with my Xrite i1 spectrophotometer and a* and b* values are very inconstant.

Here is the text file of them:

Reading 1

1 A1 25.96 -1.10 -1.66
2 B1 21.52 2.41 2.03
3 C1 81.58 0.32 2.74
4 D1 21.68 1.35 -1.71
5 E1 40.98 1.78 2.42
6 F1 73.21 0.12 1.78
7 G1 61.35 -0.88 0.74

Reading 2

1 A1 25.09 -1.02 -1.95
2 B1 20.88 2.47 1.96
3 C1 81.82 0.34 2.75
4 D1 21.59 1.43 -1.90
5 E1 40.77 1.65 1.70
6 F1 73.45 0.05 1.54
7 G1 61.47 -0.88 0.60

[IMG-20200506-114545 — ImgBB IMG-20200506-114609 — ImgBB](IMG-20200506-114545 — ImgBB IMG-20200506-114609 — ImgBB)

Thanks for any support.

Giuseppe Andretta

Sometime is very off with your print setup.

Please follow the QuickStart videos from this page: https://shop.inkjetmall.com/the-piezography-manual

Most likely something does just need to be purged . . .


Dear Walker
what do you mean with “my printer setup”? I use to print perfectly because I always use neutral inks, you helped in my first setup and I calibrate my printer with my i1 Pro but…sometimes I start seeing some unwanted tint shift.

This time it happened slowly and I start seeing a blue cast in the shadow so I print the flush target for each print head and I measured. As you can see the A1 data (dark shadow) is cool and also the print target attached shows and evident shift in the warm tone in the light tones.

I don’t know what to read in the manual because I want a perfect neutral BW print but I can’t get it until my inks are not all neutral or have so much variations from warm tones in the the lights and cool tones in the dark.

Thanks in advance for any further help.

The target photo you shared is all screwed up. The 256 step target. Its like you printed with the Epson driver or something . . .

Please let me know what your ink lot #s are, they are on the bottle.

If the carts are not agitated regularly there can also be color shifts.

best regards,

Forget about the first target I could have printed it wrong but the problem is in the “color” of all the inks.

It’s hard for me to get back to the # in the bottles, I have bought them at the end of 2018 and I shake it regularly because I don’t use the printer very often.

best regards