K7 Matt and Glossy at same time in 3880 (GO applied on other printer)



I started my piezography adventures with the epson 3880, and although I liked the prints - I hated the pizza wheels that this printer left on my glossy prints.
I saw how Dana loves the 7880, so I have gone out and refurbished one of those bad boys and now have it running with a SEL K7 GO setup (and I can see why Dana likes this printer so much)

In other words I have an 3880 sitting idle. I was thinking of installing a different inkset (Special Edition perhaps) in the 3880, and going for a matt configuration to experiment with matt papers. But I was wondering if there was anything that would stop me from printing both glossy and matt papers at the same time on the 3880 - K7? I don’t need to use a channel for GO as I can just use my 7880 for the GO coating. I realize that I would need to change the quadtone rip curve so that it pulls the black from the glossy channel, but other than that is there something stopping me from doing both MK and PK printing in a K7 setup on the 3880 without having to do ink switching? (This obviously only works as I have another printer that can do the GO printing).



You can do both matte and glossy (GO included) in the 3880 without doing the PK/MK switch if you run Piezography2, which is effectively K6 with PK in the Y slot instead of shade 7. That’s how I’d run a Piezo 3880 were I to do so, and how IJM says that they run them for their workshops. What you suggest would also work, but requires you to remap the curves yourself to accommodate PK in the GO slot and also a second printer for GO. The downside of P2 is that at present there are only curves for eleven papers.