K7 inksets and the new Ultra HD Matte Black Ink

I am excited about switching over to the new Ultra HD matte black ink in my K7 inksets. Will there be a new set of K7 profiles released (either separately or through QTR) with the Ultra HD matte black ink? The 09-19-2016 piezography newsletter says that one will be able to use Piezography Pro profiling software to linearize ones choice of media; but will there be available the “standard” set of media profiles that have been historically released through QTR?


I expect we will eventually release some pre-made HD MK Piezography curves, but I can’t tell you for what printer models or ink configurations going back, nor when we would have any HD MK curves available for K7/K6/P2 systems. But, don’t let that hold you back from using the new MK ink! Self-linearization or sending us targets to make custom curves will optimize your results after adding the blacker HD MK to your setup.

Happy printing~ Dana

Hi Dana,

Thanks for the information. I am under the assumption (wrong perhaps) that in order to self-linearize I either need to subscribe to the new Piezo Pro profiling software or send the target into IJM?


Correct, to do your own linearizations using our Piezo Pro software and workflow, you will need to subscribe. Another way would be to use the QTR droplet to make your own curves, without our smoothing/error correcting software (or our instructions explaining the linearization process), or send us a printed 256 patch target, and we will measure to make a custom curve for you.

When available, I would love to be able to see/purchase a set of sample images made with Ultra HD ink + K7 on matte paper. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

FYI I’m not making any more gallery prints until this ink becomes available. I’m hoping it’s sooner than later.

We’ll get there re: samples. It’s just going to take time. There are many hundreds of pro samples to get done first.

cheers and happy holidays,

Thanks Dana! Merry Christmas!

You’re very welcome Michael! Thanks and Merry Christmas to you as well :slight_smile:

Now that Ultra HD MK ink is available where can I find K7 compatible QTR profiles (.quads) for X8XX printers? thanks!

You will need Piezography Professional Edition tools (PPE) to make your own using the K7 MK-HD Master. It is here:

Sometime later in the Spring or Summer, we will offer a library of curves for purchase that include the new HD - but these are very long and lengthy for us to produce…

Piezography Pro, Ultra HD™ Matte Black
This is a new super high-density matte black designed for the Piezography Pro ink system. Alternatively, it can be used as an optional ultra-dark black with Piezography K7 and P2 systems, provided that these systems are profiled with or used with the K7-Enhanced Profile Library included with the Piezography Professional Edition profiler, or IJM Custom Profiling.

grazie a lei!

My bottle of Utra HD Matte Black arrived, along with a new cartridge. I have downloaded the Community Edition software.

After moving the chip to the new cartridge and filling it with the new HD ink, how can I flush the old ink - in a way that spends the least amount of the other inks ?

Thank you !!

I do have a question:

How can I flush the old ink - in a way that spends the least amount of the other inks ?

Thank you !!

Use the images and documentation from this page: http://www.inkjetmall.com/tech/content.php?166-Flush-individual-channel-using-QTR-Calibration-Mode


I was able to flush the old ink and I have installed the Community Edition. I have not re-installed the printer or PrintTool, from within the Community Edition.

At this point I am only interested in making Matte prints with 7 inks on cotton rag paper.

I will likely have you make profiles for me, rather than use any linearization tools, since I use only a few papers and appreciate how well you make them :slight_smile:

In order to print a target for you, I need to use a profile which is close. Where can I find profiles which approximate what I need, for K7 inks and Ultra HD Matte Black ? My primary papers is Epson Hot Press Natural.

Many thanks !!

Use the UltraHD-MK Master curve that is already installed for your printer. Print the target with that.


[QUOTE=walkerblackwell;12981]Use the UltraHD-MK Master curve that is already installed for your printer. Print the target with that.

I don’t see that curve. I didn’t re-install the printer from the Community Edition. What I have is from when I purchased the K7 inks originally.

Do I need to re-install for the 3880 using the setup found in the Community Edition ?

Dear Kenneth. I’m so sorry for the late reply, I just saw this.

Yes, download and install the Community Edition to get the new masters.

You’ll see the new masters in your 3880-K7 folder.