K7 ink placement on Epson 2100

Hi - I’m switching from an old Epson SP2100 to an SC-P400. I want to reclaim the inks from the SP2100 refillable cartridges. I need to know which cart contains which ink shade, but there no longer seems to be a reference to the ink placement on the IJM/Piezography sites. Can anyone please point me to this info?

I’ll be marking the carts going forward!


How old are your Piezo inks?

Anyway, the shade placement chart is available here:Choose Piezography Printers & Ink Placement Charts - Piezography


Hi Walker - about 18 months old. Thanks for the link but the sp 2100 seems to have been deprecated on that page. Your reply prompted another search and older printer info is actually here: Piezography Support Main Page

Thank you!