K7 HD Set 9 from K7 3880

I was just looking at the sales page to re-order a set of K7 Carbon for my 3880. I found this:

“This set includes the new Ultra HD™ Matte Black that increases dMax to the highest in the entire industry…is a new generation of nano-carbon black ink that can reach 1.84 for nearly a full stop increase in dynamic range! New profiles for this ink set were produced in November, 2017.”

Looks like I missed a memo. What is involved in changing to the new set on the printer–run the black (old shade 1) carts low and throw out remaining ink, then fill with the new Ultra?

Are the new profiles in QuadtoneRIP? If so, are they called out by name as different from ‘regular’ K7?

I’m all for better blacks, but as I have a big set of prints ready to run (a couple dozen drawings, multiples of each) I can’t re-tool mid-edition. I have some K7 ink in each bottle. It would be a pity to waste expensive ink.

The new curves are downloadable here: Piezography Community Edition | Piezography and are in the Curves-HD folder after install. The new curves are all K6. All you need to do is put the new MK ink in and run 3 power cleanings or a bunch of black sheets printed.