K7 discontinued

I’ve been using the K7 Netral Inks for years with the QTRgui program, which included the proper curve selection for my EPSON 4800 printer and the Moab Entrada Rag Bright paper. The K7 series is being discontinued and I understand the this series is replaced by the Pro series. Which specific inks should I buy to remain as close as possible to what I obtained with the K7? Where do I find the necessary information for using these inks with the QTRgui program? Thanks

According to the March 7, 2022 Newsletter, K7 inks are not being discontinued at this time but produced less frequently.

See this thread.
Future Availability Of K7 Ink Sets

The Pro section at Piezography.com has a ton of info on the inks and their use.

Specifically we are filling 220mL bottles going forward (for all shades of K7 ink).

I am pick/packing these directly from our manufacturing facility here in Vermont per-order.

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