K7 Curves for Special Edition Ink for JCS Type 5 & 2 for Epson Pro 3880 & 7880?



Hey Dana,

Do you have any K7 & MPS curves for the Special Edition ink set for JCS Type 5 and Type 2 for Epson Pro 3880 & 7880?

I downloaded the curves from piezography.com for the 3880 & 7880 and didn’t see any specific K7 curves for the above.

If you have any K7 & MPS Special Edition curves for the 3880 & 7880, could you please send them to me?




Hi John~

We only have a few custom curves that I’ve made over the years for the 3800/3880 or 7880/9880 specifically for Special Edition ink, which I sent you.
For the 7880, you can set it up with Piezography 2 shade placement (to be able to print matte and gloss, and GO with one printer)- and we DO have 10 pre-made Special Edition P2 specific curves, including of course Type 2 and Type 5. There is no need to set up the 3880 with P2 since it has two black channels, so you can already print matte and gloss with the current K7 setup. If the curves I sent don’t give you satisfactory output with our papers, I would be happy to make custom curves for our two papers.

Best regards and happy printing~ Dana :slight_smile:


Hey Dana,

Thanks for the information and for sending the curves that you have. I’ll work on putting together a couple custom curve submissions for you for JCS Type 2 and Type 5 for the standard IJM ink sets I’m using.

A suggestion… I think it could be a plus for IJM’s business to help promote its own inks and papers if curves could be available for each IJM Piezography ink set (neutral, carbon, selenium, Special Edition, warm neutral) for each of the Jon Cone Studio papers (Type 1,2,4,5) for the most popular Epson printers (perhaps many of these curves already exist) and have links to them alongside the inks and papers to make it easier to locate them… not need to bug you for these on the forum. Perhaps a summer intern would love to take this on? :sunglasses:

Best to you,


Hello Dana,
I’m slightly confused with this thread. I’ve always thought that the piezography curves were specific to the paper and printer combination and that all the ink sets could be used with the same curve for a given paper/printer because each respective shade was of the same density. I don’t see why you would have a specific curve for a particular inkset (eg special edition). I’ve always understood that this is why you can mix different inksets to achieve split tones.

Kind regards,



Hi Guys~

[B]John:[/B] For Piezography 2, we have made separate curve libraries for each of the five main Piezography ink tones: Neutral, Carbon, Selenium, Special Edition and Warm-Neutral. Each library includes 10 pre-made curves for Jon Cone Studio 2 + 5 papers, as well as a few of the most popular Canson, Moab and Epson papers. We are very close to releasing this product, so keep an eye on our website and newsletters for the announcement! :slight_smile:

[B]Andy:[/B] The five different Piezography ink tones share such similar density between the different shade inks, that the same curve can be used specific only to the printer model/family and paper to get very good results. The ink shades are VERY similar (e.g: shade 4 of Neutral, Carbon, Selenium, Warm-Neutral and Special Edition are all similar density; shade 5 ink of each tone are similar, etc…)- but not [U]exactly[/U] the same, so using a curve that is specific to the printer, paper and ink will provide the absolute highest quality output. We made curve libraries specific to the five different Piezography ink tones to increase the output quality even more for the new Piezography 2 system. As with K7, we can make custom P2 curves for anyone who wants to print on papers not included in the pre-made curve libraries.

I hope this helps clarify, please let me know if you have further questions or if there’s anything else I can help you with.
Best regards and happy printing~ Dana :slight_smile:


Hey Dana,

I see that you have made a lot of specific P2 curves… Jon provided a bunch of them at his workshop last fall. I’ll switch over to P2 when it’s officially released. I’ll wait on the custom curves until after I’m up and running on P2.



Sounds like a great plan John! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the clarification Dana, I take it from what you’ve said that if I were to come up with my own mix/blend of inks there would be a benefit to getting a custom curve made.
Re P2 - how close is very close…?

Kind Regards,



Hey Dana,

When I order a custom curve, will I receive a quad profile for printing and a corresponding icc profile for soft proofing?



Making a curve and soft proof profile are two separate steps. We can make a custom curve for you (quad file for printing thru QTR), but to have a custom soft proof profile made, you will need to print the 21 step strip with the printer/ink/paper/curve and send it to me to measure and make a soft proof profile from. We generally charge $10 per custom soft proof profile, though it is not a service we currently have available on our website, I have made a few for customers who wanted them.

Happy printing~ Dana :slight_smile:


OK. Thanks Dana.