K7 curve in 9900 with missing magenta

Good morning.
I have a 9900 with a missing Magenta channel which I want to use for Piezography. I purchased the K7- Special Edition ink set and need curves for both matte and glossy paper.
Will the curves need to be modified dependent on which manufacturers paper I am using?
Thanks, Joe

Yes, we will edit the curves for you to not include your VM channel. If you haven’t already received instruction for the Ink shade placement, please do not fill the cartridges with inks just yet, please wait for instruction from Dana or myself for custom ink placement for your set-up. Has Dana been in contact with you in regards to this set-up as of yet?

Hi Kelly,
No, I have not yet heard from Dana.
I printed out the "quad tone ink pattern page and all of the colors were represented. (in piezoflush) Does that mean the magenta channel is working? When I print out the nozzle check from the control panel magenta is missing.
Thanks, Joe

Hi Joe, This is unusual, so you are saying the VM channel prints 100% on the Ink separation BUT prints NOTHING on the nozzle check???
Can you please post an image of the Ink separation printed through QTR Calibration mode and the nozzle check for me to review?

Here are the two pics you requested.
Thanks, Joe

Hold off on that special curve for the time being. I ran the power cleaning cycle on the C/M channel last night and I am now getting a fatal error for the head.


It appears your Ink Separation was NOT printed using QTR Calibration mode, the only way to print 100% ink out of each channel is using Calibration Mode selected through QTR, here are the instructions for this if you fatal head error mysteriously disappears http://www.inkjetmall.com/tech/content.php?144-Print-Ink-Separation-Image-thru-QTR-Calibration-Mode

Well, the only difference in how I printed out the separation page and what is posted in your link is that my printer is listed as “9900 QTR”, not K-7. Is that the reason?
The fatal error will only disappear when I replace the head.

The fatal error mysteriously disappeared overnight. Quick, send me the curve!
I ran a nozzle check just now and the VM is still missing.
It’s a 9900 and I have the K7-Special Edition with gloss and matte inks.
Thanks, Joe
P.S. Maybe it was the bottle of Zinfandel I sacrificed to the printer gods last night that did the trick.

Your printer should be listed as Quad9900-K7 in the printer pull down.

I will contact you through Email from Tech Support to establish your ink placement and Paper usage so I can make the curves.

Cheers to that bottle of Zin!

O.K., I’m still confused about the ink pattern page showing all of my colors when the nozzle check doesn’t show VM.
Here are photos showing my process.
Thanks again for everything.
P.S. Do you think another sacrificed bottle to the print head gods is a good idea???

Your images are really hard to see, maybe you have System Managed selected instead of NO color management through your print driver, also you need to be printing at 100% ink limit, 2880 DPI, Uni-Directional. Also, try to remove and then re-install the print driver in your utility and then reinstall the Quad9900-K7 file in QTR and try again, it still isn’t right (AND, another bottle wouldn’t hurt anything!)

One more thing, I cannot see what profile is embedded in your image, it should be Untagged on any MAC newer then 10.6.8

This is the largest file size I can upload. Any suggestions?
I removed all 9900 print drivers and then installed the Quad9900 K-7 driver. I am printing no color managed, quad9900-K7, 100% scale at 360dpi. I tried the 100% ink and it ran down the paper. I’ll try the 2880 uni direction now.
Maybe a 3 litre box of wine…

Version 10.9,5
Embedded profile is Adobe RGB 1998 (how do I untag this)?
Format is 2700X2700 RGB:16

I’m using the exact same OS as you, but when I open the Ink Separation image in Print Tool, it comes up with an embedded profile of sRGB, which Roy Harrington says is normal for Mavericks, so I’m not sure why yours is coming up with AdobeRGB- though Kelly tested with both embedded profiles and got the same/good results. For further assistance regarding why your Ink Sep isn’t printing correctly, please contact Roy Harrington, as he directly supports QTR, and will therefore be able to quickly figure out the issue that’s causing your strange results. You can reach him at quadtone@harrington.com

Warmly~ Dana

Thanks Dana.
I’ll delete and reinstall the printer, maybe that will help. If nothing changes I’ll contact Roy.

I hope that helps, but please keep us posted, I’m curious what’s causing your strange results!