K6 with Photo Black on Epson 1400?



I have an Epson 1400 that I’ve been running MIS UT-14 on, and since I’ve found that due to those pesky pizza exit roller wheels I can’t use it for too dark prints with the MIS system, however, when pimping my 7600 with Piezography WN I find the ink layer laid down is way thinner than the MIS layer on my 1400, possibly as it’s later on finished off with the GO overcoat. So my thoughts are, do you have curves for surface papers, K6, for the 1400? As then I could print with a different tone on that one, if it works out well with the teeth wheels that is, and then I do spray the GO overcoat on those prints in my 7600 …




If you want to get the same excellent quality output with your 1400 as you are with your 7600, then I recommend you install Piezography K6 into your 1400 and use it with our Piezography curves in QTR.

You CAN set up your 7600 to be use shades 1-6 with GO, which would require specific K6-7600/9600 curves for the best quality- but will avoid you having to spray the gloss finish layer, printing the GO layer is smoother and more even, not to mention the toxic fumes from many spray on coatings.

I hope this helps, please keep me posted and let me know if you have further questions or if there’s anything else I can help you with.
Best regards and happy printing~ Dana :slight_smile:


Yeah Dana, I have my 7600 as K6+GO, we just set that up some weeks ago, remember… :slight_smile:

However, I also have a 1400, and was curios about if you have K6 curves for gloss/surface paper for it, that I of course then have to GO overcoat in the 7600 …




Thanks for reminding me, I should have checked your system details before responding last time (you are one of maybe four customers using the 7600/9600 with K6 and GO for gloss printing).

For the 1400, since it’s a 6-color printer, there is only enough space to install shades 1-6, and no room for GO. For this reason, we don’t have any pre-made glossy curves for the 1400, but if you can GO coat the 1400 prints using your 7600, then I can certainly make you custom glossy curves fro your 1400 if you’d like.

Best regards~ Dana :slight_smile:


Hmm… It’s definitely an interesting project, I could do with some warm selenium here in the future too… I’m only scared of those damned teeth wheel…


And the 7600 WN K6 GO is doing great, I’ll get back to you later this year with a bunch of profiles to be made, I’m just evaluating some papers and when I’m done I’ll get back to you about it!



Btw, what about glossy K6 curves for the 2880? I remember reading somewhere that the print engine (apart from the extra channel) is more or less the same in those two? Wouldn’t those work (at least for testing, again, a bit afraid of those exit roller teeth wheels) ?


Piezography 2 gives you the option of printing matte and glossy with one 8-color printer (such as the R2400, R2880, 4800, 4880, 7800/9800 and 7880/9880). We’ve had all our studio production printers set up this way for well over a year, and love this setup. To print with Piezography 2, you must use “P2” specific curves, and have the Piezography inks installed in the following order:

Black= Neutral shade #1 (matte printing)
Cyan= Shade #2
Light Cyan= Shade #3
Magenta= Shade #4
Light Magenta= Shade #5
Light Black= Shade #6
Yellow= Warm-Neutral #1 (glossy compatible black)
Light Light Black= Gloss Overprint

Best regards and happy printing~ Dana :slight_smile:


Hmm, so I need to translate this in some way to the 1400, as it has no LK and LLK, and I want PK instead of MK…



No, there is no “P2” system for the 1400/1430- only K6. You need an 8-color printer to be able to do P2 for matte and gloss printing.


Yeah, but if, as I mentioned above, I want to do gloss only, and then do the GO on another printer, it leaves us with 6 carts, right? So in order to test before having custom curves made, is there a way to translate the curves for the 8 cart system, by removing the “non needed” parts, as matte, and GO (as I assume these are not included in the curves for glossy prints on the 8 cart system), and translate their positions into the 6 cart epson 1400 ?

You hear me?



Ok, the reason this is getting confusing is because you’ve mentioned a 1400, 7600 and 2880- which all use different curves and ink configurations. Out of these three printers, only the 8-color R2880 printer is capiable of using the P2 setup- the 7600 can be gloss only or matte only, and the 1400 must be K6 without GO. To use your 1400 for Piezography gloss printing, and print the GO layer with your 7600, you will set up the 1400 as per our instructions as a K6 printer with the glossy compatible black ink. You will need to print a target with the 1400, coat it with GO using your 7600, then mail the target to me to measure and make into a custom curve for you to use the 1400 for gloss printing.

Please let me know if you have questions, want custom curves made, or if there’s anything else I can help you with.
Best regards~ Dana :slight_smile:



Yes, all those facts are indeed understood.

My question was if there’s any way of re-using a 2880 curve, by removing the GO and the Matteblack, and the re-organize the rest of the carts, in the curve file, in order to print and test so I can assure the exit roller teeth wheels are not a problem, as I don’t want to pay for a custom curve finding out that it doesnt work due to pizza wheel trails in the print…




No, you can not use or modify a R2880 curve to use with a 1400. The 1400 curves were specifically designed for the 1400, as the other curves were made specifically for the other printer models.